Tuesday, July 6, 2010

quiet time

one or two of us are going away over the next few months, but we might be recording in august. we're gonna count in every song with 'ein zwei drei vier' - kraftwerk style!

meet iggy pop and david bowie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the future advertised now

somebody plz tell me how to resize these things omg. click for full deets.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Empress 6 May

thanks to everyone who came along to the empress to see us play last night.
hopefully you were there early enough to catch The Ancients & Poor People too.
if not, you missed out! keep an eye out for The Ancients new record
which will be out around august.

& we're playing next friday with Dan Kelly at the Northcote S.C.
hope to see you there. support supports!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sydney etc

so our show with royal headache and dead farmers in sydney went really well! sadly i forgot my camera charger so there are no photos, but there was a great turnout, those who turned out were great and the turnout was great (w apologies to g.s.).

this was a very different experience from our very first show in Sydney - our very first show out of Melbourne, and so the one by which all others are inevitably measured to by some degree - where one of the acts we played with, and in a more general sense, the mood cast over the night all up ('rider at manager's discretion'. the manager turned out to be a dick) reminded me of this great quote from Robert Bly:

'only a person with really sluggish blood could put up with the average state of a human being without yawning...for the confessional poet anything less than an abortion or cancer operation really doesn't justify the machinery.'

obviously this applies to music too, as anyone who has endured a performance by your average singer-songwriter will testify. and i suppose it applies to blogs too, in which case - joke's on us! but my point is that our experience this time in Sydney wasn't tainted by having any shitty acts thrust upon us where we had to endure boredom straight-faced. it was really something to play with Royal Headache and Dead Farmers. even though the sound was a little iffy with the last minute venue change i don't think anyone really cared, and the PA sounded pretty good up near the front anyhow.

so thanks to nick et all for putting on the show - you did a really great job. and thanks to everyone who turned out (including auntie m and uncle d!), turned out well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Adelaide. you've been known to take many letters in front of you:

(B) - refers to paul kelly's song named after the town
(D) - al mac's lineage fled from here
(F) - they had the grand prix for a bit too
(H) - as in, 'got laid', or 'had a layd(e) last night lads' (see below)
(L) - hotspot for bux nights, footy tours, and gang murders
(M) - see above
(N) - see above
(P) - fem products abound on footpaths generally
(S) - westpac the tallest building
(T) - as in better than tassie. a tad
(W) - the general fatness of the populace

but DD can vouch that these are all bullshit!

(R)Adelaide is for real!

(R)Adelaide - a poem

thanks for the billies
on sunday
they were sick

thanks to everyone who came to the metro & format shows
thanks for the amazing soup nastasia (s&r shared it with us)

& our biggest thanks to rani & stacci!
for putting us up & putting on shows -
ta so very, very much.

we hope you feel better soon stacci
your key's in the post! x

r, r, s, s

caint ye see i'm holding an axe here, you fuck

poo blues - "close to empty"

bitch prefect @ format

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adelaide doo-doo-doo-do.

Sorry don't know how to make that poster fit to the screen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One photo in Melbourne, lots in Brisbane, PLUS: Thinking of seeing us? Think Again! #219

Thanks Tom!

Oh yeah:
From Rave Magazine
I Heart Hiroshima / Dick Diver / Bigstrongbrute
Sunday January 24
Dick Diver are an impressively coherent band in terms of musicianship, but their sloppy stage clothes [!] and sloppier banter (including a ridiculously awkward song intro about semi-pedophiliac old men) get in their way. Rad tunes, though.
- Chad Parkhill

Monday, February 1, 2010

3 poems about Brisbane

New Farm
Coffee is a tonic
to humidity more
than beer
Frangipanes or a
block-of-flats' pool
fronting the street
wearing shorts
off somewhere else

Msg Dreams
Stilt houses on the opposite bank mark the tide.
The river eats into the edge. At Cyber City you can get
a beer and a Laksa for not much. On the footpath we
saw a lizard sunning on a step. Thick cut. Its oblivion
to the cameras would make a set jealous. You didn't
want to be anything else. In The Valley
disco-ball flicker migrates round the room
like sun reflected off the river or a geometric flash
of skin at the lights. A security sticker offers refuge
from the pedestrian street.

Disctinction: legs
in pumps,
a glimpse from
Kangaroo Point -
apartments, cranes on
the ridge, virtu.

Brisbane 23-25 Jan

Our trip to Brisbane was great fun! Touring rules and we wanna come to your city! (already planning more interstate trips as I type this).

Saturday we played at the Clubhouse in the Valley. Cops, speedo-frocks and fights. Baptism of fire, very fun gig! Kitchen's Floor were a highlights you should check them out when they come to Melbourne in early March.

Other highlights on Saturday were: Burger Urge (Tom), Frangipanes, basking lizard, Rupe & Louise's Accom. "Spring Hill Terraces", La Roux (sadly bulletproof only played twice though, or was it three times), and MGMT's Electric Feel which tom beefed-up by playing along to during the line check as the DJ wasn't too keen on stopping short his set.

Sunday was a polar opposite to the Clubhouse: day show, all ages, posh gaff. Played at the very swanky Brisbane Powerhouse with Big Strong Brute who were cool, and I Heart Hiroshima who understandably stole the show. Show was packed, everyone loved it, Suzie signing autographs and standing for photos after with streams of people. For good reason: I'd never seen them live before and really enjoyed the set, especially Suzie on kit who is genuinely vivacious and awesome to watch.

Sunday highlights: Smoke machine, Andrew Bartlett bought our EP!, being championed as bastions of anti-paedophilia movement by discerning punter, being told we should change our name for sake of taste by discerning punter, Cyber City, late night Callipo, Bundaberg 'Peachy' drink.

Monday: guerilla pool swim, GoMa, mingled lethargy/relaxed state of mind, seeing Al mont on arrival in Brunny

(Photos to come!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The week ahead...

This Friday night we're playing at the Empress, supporting Slow Club (UK):

A two piece! I'd crap myself playing in a two piece.

THEN: on Saturday we head up to Brisbane:

We're playing with Kitchen's Floor and Sleepwalks at the Clubhouse on the Saturday, then with I Heart Hiroshima and Bigstrongbrute at the Powerhouse on Sunday. Cool bananas!

ALSO: Will try to get a picture posing on the 'Go-Between' Bridge:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dick Diver Unbound

We're playing at the Tote on Tuesday night with Kelley Stoltz! Come along!

Last time we played the downstairs stage one member nearly had a nervous breakdown! But there are already loads of songs about nervous breakdowns! Like:

Surely one is enough? Oh, Brian.

Observe the clenched buttocks of the nervous breakdown-ee. Or is it the other guy who is wigging out?

Oh yes.