Monday, February 1, 2010

3 poems about Brisbane

New Farm
Coffee is a tonic
to humidity more
than beer
Frangipanes or a
block-of-flats' pool
fronting the street
wearing shorts
off somewhere else

Msg Dreams
Stilt houses on the opposite bank mark the tide.
The river eats into the edge. At Cyber City you can get
a beer and a Laksa for not much. On the footpath we
saw a lizard sunning on a step. Thick cut. Its oblivion
to the cameras would make a set jealous. You didn't
want to be anything else. In The Valley
disco-ball flicker migrates round the room
like sun reflected off the river or a geometric flash
of skin at the lights. A security sticker offers refuge
from the pedestrian street.

Disctinction: legs
in pumps,
a glimpse from
Kangaroo Point -
apartments, cranes on
the ridge, virtu.

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