Monday, February 1, 2010

Brisbane 23-25 Jan

Our trip to Brisbane was great fun! Touring rules and we wanna come to your city! (already planning more interstate trips as I type this).

Saturday we played at the Clubhouse in the Valley. Cops, speedo-frocks and fights. Baptism of fire, very fun gig! Kitchen's Floor were a highlights you should check them out when they come to Melbourne in early March.

Other highlights on Saturday were: Burger Urge (Tom), Frangipanes, basking lizard, Rupe & Louise's Accom. "Spring Hill Terraces", La Roux (sadly bulletproof only played twice though, or was it three times), and MGMT's Electric Feel which tom beefed-up by playing along to during the line check as the DJ wasn't too keen on stopping short his set.

Sunday was a polar opposite to the Clubhouse: day show, all ages, posh gaff. Played at the very swanky Brisbane Powerhouse with Big Strong Brute who were cool, and I Heart Hiroshima who understandably stole the show. Show was packed, everyone loved it, Suzie signing autographs and standing for photos after with streams of people. For good reason: I'd never seen them live before and really enjoyed the set, especially Suzie on kit who is genuinely vivacious and awesome to watch.

Sunday highlights: Smoke machine, Andrew Bartlett bought our EP!, being championed as bastions of anti-paedophilia movement by discerning punter, being told we should change our name for sake of taste by discerning punter, Cyber City, late night Callipo, Bundaberg 'Peachy' drink.

Monday: guerilla pool swim, GoMa, mingled lethargy/relaxed state of mind, seeing Al mont on arrival in Brunny

(Photos to come!)

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