Tuesday, December 15, 2009

watch out spiderman

Thanks to seancemascara over at fanmaderecordings.blogspot.com for the vid!

There's a bootleg of the show over there if you're that way inclined, too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing on RRR


al montfort's Men's Health pose

standing around


golden audience!

multi tasking



sunned bum

photos taken by Juhi Sharma (juie.sharma@gmail.com) - thanks heaps!

Monday, December 7, 2009

FREE Instore show @ Polyester Thurs 10th Dec!

For those unable to snap up a copy of our EP/7" 'Arks Up' at our launch on Friday, you'll be able to buy one this thursday 4th Dec. at Polyester (Flinders Lne. CBD) at 6pm. We'll be playing some songs for you as well so hope you can join us! It's free too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

performance enhancers

Thanks to everybody who came to our launch last night!

It means a lot and was a hoot to boot.

Thanks also to our loyal sponsor:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the words of our good friends the UV race: 'Thinking about buying our EP? Think Again!'


Dick Diver - Arks Up (EP)

by Kathryn Mahina | Thursday, November 26

dick diver arks up EP

For a band called Dick Diver, I was really hoping for

something more dirty than this. The Melbourne four-piece

features Alistair McKay and Rupert Edwards on guitars,

Al Montford of UV Race and Straightjacket Nation on

bass, and Stephanie Hughes (ex-Children Collide) on drums.

Their debut EPArks Up is a quaint offering with six laid-back

tracks that fail to hit it out of the ball park.

Their sound has a real old-school Australiana kind of

feel to it, with some scratchy guitar noise and lengthy

solos that are straight from the 1970s. The opening track

Walk For Room is disastrously pop, the kind of tune that

gets stuck in your head all day and makes you want to

crack your own skull open with a hammer just to get it

the fuck out of there. Purgatory sounds exactly the same

as the first and then you’re hit with the instrumental

wank-fest Princes, which I imagine is supposed to

showcase the musical prowess of the band, instead it

just gave me a headache. The saving grace of Arks Up is

the dangerous bass line in The Keys, a killer tune that

makes me wonder if Dick Diver are capable

of more than what they’ve given us in their

forgettable debut.