Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sydney etc

so our show with royal headache and dead farmers in sydney went really well! sadly i forgot my camera charger so there are no photos, but there was a great turnout, those who turned out were great and the turnout was great (w apologies to g.s.).

this was a very different experience from our very first show in Sydney - our very first show out of Melbourne, and so the one by which all others are inevitably measured to by some degree - where one of the acts we played with, and in a more general sense, the mood cast over the night all up ('rider at manager's discretion'. the manager turned out to be a dick) reminded me of this great quote from Robert Bly:

'only a person with really sluggish blood could put up with the average state of a human being without yawning...for the confessional poet anything less than an abortion or cancer operation really doesn't justify the machinery.'

obviously this applies to music too, as anyone who has endured a performance by your average singer-songwriter will testify. and i suppose it applies to blogs too, in which case - joke's on us! but my point is that our experience this time in Sydney wasn't tainted by having any shitty acts thrust upon us where we had to endure boredom straight-faced. it was really something to play with Royal Headache and Dead Farmers. even though the sound was a little iffy with the last minute venue change i don't think anyone really cared, and the PA sounded pretty good up near the front anyhow.

so thanks to nick et all for putting on the show - you did a really great job. and thanks to everyone who turned out (including auntie m and uncle d!), turned out well.

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  1. First Sydney show with Mum Smokes and Songs? They're shitty?