Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Adelaide. you've been known to take many letters in front of you:

(B) - refers to paul kelly's song named after the town
(D) - al mac's lineage fled from here
(F) - they had the grand prix for a bit too
(H) - as in, 'got laid', or 'had a layd(e) last night lads' (see below)
(L) - hotspot for bux nights, footy tours, and gang murders
(M) - see above
(N) - see above
(P) - fem products abound on footpaths generally
(S) - westpac the tallest building
(T) - as in better than tassie. a tad
(W) - the general fatness of the populace

but DD can vouch that these are all bullshit!

(R)Adelaide is for real!

(R)Adelaide - a poem

thanks for the billies
on sunday
they were sick

thanks to everyone who came to the metro & format shows
thanks for the amazing soup nastasia (s&r shared it with us)

& our biggest thanks to rani & stacci!
for putting us up & putting on shows -
ta so very, very much.

we hope you feel better soon stacci
your key's in the post! x

r, r, s, s

caint ye see i'm holding an axe here, you fuck

poo blues - "close to empty"

bitch prefect @ format

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adelaide doo-doo-doo-do.

Sorry don't know how to make that poster fit to the screen.