Sunday, January 17, 2010

The week ahead...

This Friday night we're playing at the Empress, supporting Slow Club (UK):

A two piece! I'd crap myself playing in a two piece.

THEN: on Saturday we head up to Brisbane:

We're playing with Kitchen's Floor and Sleepwalks at the Clubhouse on the Saturday, then with I Heart Hiroshima and Bigstrongbrute at the Powerhouse on Sunday. Cool bananas!

ALSO: Will try to get a picture posing on the 'Go-Between' Bridge:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dick Diver Unbound

We're playing at the Tote on Tuesday night with Kelley Stoltz! Come along!

Last time we played the downstairs stage one member nearly had a nervous breakdown! But there are already loads of songs about nervous breakdowns! Like:

Surely one is enough? Oh, Brian.

Observe the clenched buttocks of the nervous breakdown-ee. Or is it the other guy who is wigging out?

Oh yes.