Thursday, June 4, 2009


As an aside, I'm the manager of Dick and I run this blog. I'd put up the whole interview in one go but he took the only copy of THE LITTLE MAGAZINE we had and has taken to feeding bits of it underneath his door from time to time, texting me the following when they're ready: 'SCRAP READY. WALTZ TIME KNOCK ON DOOR. BRING NOODLES&BEER.XO'.

I'm not even sure if they're in the right order.

Last week I brought the wrong brand of noodles, hence the delay. Anyway, thanks to Maggi Beef Flavour, here's the very short part three:

LM: Recently the Hank Williams Foundation sent a bunch of unreleased, unrecorded lyrics of his out to a select group of artists, asking that they put music to them for a new record. The rumour is that you were involved...
DD: Well for a start there was a whole folder of them. I mean, just mountains of the shit. I was thinking I'd do one of them anyway, but I realised the world just doesn't need another song called "(insert adjective here) heart".
LM: But you're relatively unknown, how did they even find you in the first place?
DD: Cause I can do shit like this...(plays a rendition of Van Halen's "Jump")

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