Monday, December 7, 2009

FREE Instore show @ Polyester Thurs 10th Dec!

For those unable to snap up a copy of our EP/7" 'Arks Up' at our launch on Friday, you'll be able to buy one this thursday 4th Dec. at Polyester (Flinders Lne. CBD) at 6pm. We'll be playing some songs for you as well so hope you can join us! It's free too.


  1. You listed the show as the 4th in the post...

    but anyway, recording of the Launch show and the song from PBS are online on my blog Dick Diver. If it's not cool with you I'll take them down.

  2. That review was excellent! haha. you guys are in the crew for that effort! keep up the amuzing posts!

    Cheers and best wishes


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