Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yo you

Is this shit outdated already? Looked at twitter and realised it was just writing a few lines about what you're doing at that moment in time. ie 'Right now I'm watching a film with Nicole Kidman and that psycho from silence of the lambs on mute etc it's shit awful'

We thought you could post pictures of Dawson with a 6.5/10 boner on the bed with Katie Holmes and cool stuff like that. This is the closest we got:


Anyway, if you have the picture/video/Panel footage, send it on in y'all.

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  1. I was sniffing past the nash hotel in clayton, aka 'kristalnacht hotel', or 'pub of unprovoked glassings', when I saw dawson leary with 7 out of 10 boner. no i'm not pulling myself! or the other one! if someone explains to me how to add pics it'd be to the benefit of all...
    (i used boffin-pro-tech2020 softcore for this post)